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praanaahaara daanam

PRAANAAHAARAM is the food that sustains life. It is the food allocated and provided by nature to each life form.
DAANAM means to give/donate without expecting anything in return.

Praanaahaara Daanam aims to provide “Akarma food” to those in need.

The intention of this seva is:

Every individual is a God within herself/himself. So, whatever one donates is just a mere exchange from one Daivam(divinity) to another soul’s divinity. No one has an upper position or lower position. Every soul is in a certain state as per their life design and life experiences. Everyone receives what they deserve. We are just fulfilling our responsibility as a medium. We are thankful to the Creation for giving us this opportunity to serve. So, there is no place for ahamkara(ego) that we are doing great to them.

“ What we give comes back to us 1000 fold.” Praanaahaara Daanam Seva helps an individual to grow within and to create goodness for themselves and others as well.

Praanaahaara Daanam has been started by our Sadhgurumaatha Sahasra Tara Vishal Garu. She and her team members used to fast once a week and donate that day’s food expenses to someone in need. So, initially, it started once a week by preparing meals and distributing them to a few people. Slowly, the word spread and inspired many people to contribute, and therefore, we are able to reach and provide food and drinking water to at least 100 people every day and aim to increase the scale so that we can reach out to many more hungry stomachs and struggling souls.

The food ( Praanaaharam) prepared is 100% Akarma vegan(completely plant-based only) food, i.e. freshly cooked every day, of top-notch quality, with lots of love, care, and hygiene. It is served in biodegradable plates and glasses. The same food is eaten by the entire team as well.

*Akarma – means that which does not add any karma.

Positive energy is added to the Praanaahaaram by meditation every day. This will result in good health and energy for the people who consume it. The food is packed and carried in a vehicle to the place of serving. (Where there are a lot of people in need). The food is served with care and respect to anyone who asks without any discrimination (of age, color, caste, creed, gender, or any other form). Our Guru has taught us seva is also a form of Sadhana. We greet every individual who comes to us to eat by saying ‘Namasthe’ and we feel a sense of gratitude towards their divinity for giving us a seva opportunity and also wish for their upliftment. We make sure every person who comes eats their heart’s content. The food is also served hygienically and safe pattern. 

The area of serving is cleaned before serving.

Masks and gloves are used.

Water is provided to wash hands before and after eating.

All the plates and glasses are properly disposed of after use.

The serving area is cleaned again before leaving the premises.


As humans share this planet with other sentient beings as well, we provide food (chapathis) every day. Water bowls have been installed in possible places that are cleaned and refilled with water regularly.


Children are the fastest learners and youth is the epitome of energy. We have started every Sunday as Seva day for kids and youth to inculcate seva as a part of their life. This program helps them to experience the satisfaction received when they can help someone. We welcome the youth and kids of Visakhapatnam to join us in our Sunday Seva programme to spread their wings and evolve into a better space. We request parents to encourage their children to participate in this programme. 

Birthdays, marriage anniversaries, or any other special days can be honored and celebrated by sharing them with those who need them. Be a part of hundreds of people's happiness by donating to Praanaahaara Daanam or by volunteering with us.

Donations can also be made to fulfill basic needs like clothes, soaps, etc. apart from food. Also, anyone who can employ people who have become homeless due to their situations (beggars and homeless people who are mentally, physically fit and have had basic education ) is requested to contact us. This would be of great help because it helps build a person’s life for a lifetime.

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