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how to meditate?
  • Sit comfortably, so that your body is at maximum ease for a long period of time.

  • Sit where you are comfortable. There is no particular place or time, for Sadhana / Meditation.

  • Close your eyes and sit in Dhyana mudra by placing both hands in your lap, the right hand on top of the left hand, palms facing up and the tips of the thumbs touching each other.

  • Release the tension in your muscles. Relax your body completely.

  • Let go of everything – let go that you are a man, a woman, a mother, a father, your religion, your caste, your profession, your financial status, your luxuries, your problems, your pain, your achievements, your failure, everything … let go of everything.

  • Now with eyes closed, focus on the center of your forehead which is your third eye position (when you close your eyes and concentrate on your forehead, the focal point you obtain is your third eye).

  • Now accept your Divinity by telling yourself “AHAM BRAHMASMI”. You can also say “I AM DIVINE”. Let this thought reverberate throughout your being.

  • Don’t “try” to become Divine. If you try to become Divine, you will never be successful. You just have to realize your Divinity. Because you are already Divine. You are already Divine. You have just lost your awareness of your own Divinity. You have forgotten your Divinity with your free will. Now you have to accept it with your free will. All you have to do is just accept and become aware of your Divinity.

  • The only way to regain your Divinity is to “Accept your Divinity”.

  • Continue to meditate by reminding yourself of your Divinity. Continue to meditate being aware that you are Divine.

  • During meditation, you might see something, hear something or feel something. Just be a witness. Do not judge and do not get attached to them and get carried away. Just be a witness and continue with your meditation.

  • When you feel like coming out of your meditation, just slowly and peacefully open your eyes.

  • Meditate regularly. The more you meditate, the closer you get to your Divinity.

  • Spend the remaining part of your day with the continued awareness of your Divinity. Don’t just meditate for an hour or two and forget about it. No matter where you are or what you are doing, spend every second of your life in this Divine awareness. Meditation is nothing but awareness towards your Divinity. Make your whole life, a Meditation. Regain and realize your Divinity – which is your “Basic Right”.

  • The one and only benefit of Meditation is – Divinity. It is the ultimate, the one and only destination and Pleroma of meditation. All the remaining benefits are by-products.



Freedom in life, Financial Freedom, Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Peace, Contentment, Balance, Complete Positive Nature, Improved Immunity, Total Health, Wealth, Success, Power, Strength, Energy, Sovereignty, Daring Dashing Dynamism, Invincible confidence, Reducing Biological Aging, Relief from stress, Strain, Depression, and Bad habits, Magnificent Sexual potentiality and many, many, many more!



  • Third Eye Activation and Controlling

  • Control over the Astral body and Astral Traveling

  • Telepathy

  • Teleportation

  • Clairaudience

  • Clairvoyance

  • Amazing and Super healing power

  • Seeing Akashic Record

  • Aura Vision

  • Super Sight

  • Levitation

  • Time traveling with full control and many, many, many more!

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