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Sadhguru Tara Vishal Garu was an Enlightened Sadhguru. He counseled and guided many people from physical, psychological, and professional problems and had led them towards the ultimate quest of finding themselves. He devoted himself to the “Divine Mission - Srushti Kalyanam’’. He intended to accomplish this Divine mission by teaching, training, and spreading Akarma Veganism, Meditation, and Spiritual Wisdom. He has authored 5 books, of which only 3 are available to the public. He distributed 21,000 books (hard copies) and lakhs of e-books (soft copies) at 100% free of cost. He has done and has inspired thousands to do “Seva”. On 4th July 2017, he consciously decided and left his body. Though he left his body, he is in regular touch with all his disciples as promised. He is on Mission…



Sahasra Tara Vishal Garu is an Enlightened Sadhguru. She is the disciple and wife of Sadhguru Tara Vishal Garu. She has been the main support system to her Guru & husband throughout his mission. She followed in his footsteps in every step of his life. Together they have devoted themselves to “Srushti Kalyanam”. In 2017 when Sadhguru Tara Vishal Garu decided to leave his body, she accepted his decision and bid his physical body a divine goodbye. Their relationship is beyond physical bodies. She spent the next 2 years in sadhana and on 18-04-2019 she started her mission through “Mission Aham Brahmasmi”. She has been blessed with the title “Sadhguru Matha” by her Guru which according to her is a huge responsibility of taking forward her Guru’s dream of  “Loka Kalyanam”. She is on a mission to help every person realize his / her “Divinity”.