MAB is the abbreviation of "MISSION AHAM BRAHMASMI."

The sole purpose of MISSION AHAM BRAHMASMI  is to help every human being realize his/ her Divinity and thus understand the Ultimate Truth - "AHAM BRAHMASMI" which means " I AM GOD ".

MAB is a Non-Religious New Age Spiritual Organisation. Sadhguru Devi Sahasra Tara Vishal is the founder of MAB. The organsation was registered on April 18, 2019. Since then, we have been responsibly working towards our Divine goal i.e helping every human being realize the Ultimate Truth - "AHAM BRAHMASMI".

For the attainment of our Divine goal, MAB promotes :

  • AKARMA VEGANISM : The first step to Moksha.

  • DAIVATVA SADHANA (Divine Meditation) : The path of awareness that leads to Moksha.

  • NEW AGE AGE HIGHER SPIRITUAL WISDOM : The understanding that helps the soul evolve and attain Moksha.

We indulge in many kinds of "Seva" as a part of our responsibility towards creation. They include New Age Non Religious Spiritual workshops, courses, camps, personal counselling, Akarma Veganism awareness programs, Pranahaara Danam(Food distribution to the needy), Antahkarana Shuddhi, Green campaigns - Planting trees, Protection and care of animals and many more to uplift human consciousness.

MAB intends to help every human from stopping the unfruitful quest for God outside / elsewhere and help them see God within themselves, thus experience the God within - "AHAM BRAHMASMI !!"


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