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“Sadhguru Tara Vishal Margadarshi" is the upgraded version of "Tara Vishal Margadarshi."

Sadhguru Tara Vishal Garu is the author of this Magnum opus which unveils the long-hidden secrets of Spiritual Science, Divine Sadhanas (Meditation), Akarma Veganism and Scientific research reports. The wisdom of this book and it's definite implementation will certainly help the seeker solve his / her physical, psychological and spiritual problems and create a happy and meaningful life.

6,000 hard copies and some lakhs of e-books (soft copies) of this book have been distributed freely. Many seekers who are ardent followers of this Divine book have shared their views as follows :

Some say “This book is the modern age Bhaghawad Gita."

Some say “It leads us directly to our Divinity”

Some say “It has the solution to all the day-to-day life problems”

Some say “We find answers for all our physical and spiritual questions & doubts in this one book. There is no need for us to search for the solutions elsewhere”.

Some say “It is not like we are reading the book, It’s as if Guruji is teaching us directly. We can feel his energy”.

And many more…

Masters say “It is the True Margadarshi (Guide) to Moksha.

Sadhguru Tara Vishal ji says “It is a great blessing showered upon me. I have been chosen by the creation for downloading this authentic spiritual wisdom and sharing it with my sleeping fellow Gods. I hope this wisdom will bring a new Sunrise in their lives and awaken them. Help them walk the path of Truth (Satya Margam) and realize the Ultimate Truth – Aham Brahmasmi ( I am Divine).

“Sadhguru Tara Vishal Margadarshi is a Divine blessing of Guruji to the whole of Mankind. We hope that each and everyone would practice this Divine wisdom and reach the pinnacle of success and prosperity – both physically and spiritually and become the reason for Global welfare and peace.

May you all be blessed with long life, health, wealth, success, joy, prosperity and Divinity / Moksha.

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Akarma Veganism


Akarma: Akarma means an act that doesn’t attract any Karma. That which is neutral. These neutral acts i.e. Akarmas lead to Moksha.


Veganism: Veganism entails not using anything that belongs to, or, that comes from animal species. Excluding animals and animal products from food, clothing or other purposes is Veganism.


It entails not consuming any meat, fish, eggs, honey, milk or any of its by-products (curd/ yogurt, butter, cheese, ghee, paneer OR even biscuits, chocolates, ice-creams and cakes made of these products). Also, not using silk, pearls, animal fur, leather, wool or any such other produce from the animal species, including staying away from products which have been tested on animals or have given them any pain/ grief. It also includes fighting for animal rights and protecting them, with a clear understanding that saving them is actually saving ourselves and saving our world.


Akarma Veganism: Veganism without any Karma is Akarma Veganism (Akarma Vegetarianism). Both physically and spiritually, this is the right, the truest and the purest Vegetarianism.

It is mainly based on the law of creation - " What you give, comes back to you in thousand folds!"

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