MISSION AHAM BRAHMASMI intends to spread Akarma Veganism throughout the world as it is "The first step to Moksha." To bring a positive shift in the human conscience, we propagate Akarma Veganism by conducting workshops, by giving away Akarma Veganism books at 100% free of cost, by doing Akarma Vegan Annadanam, by organizing Akarma Vegan food stalls etc. We are in a continuous process of discovering new ways to inspire Akarma Living.

             As a part of propagating Akarma Veganism, we have joined hands with "Sana Vegan Products" whose motto is "Inspiring Akarma Living." It has evolved out of the divine intention of Sadhguru Tara Vishal Ji of providing Akarma Vegan Products to the people who are willing to create a change for themselves and the world. Mr Satyanarayana, who is an ardent disciple of Sadhguru Tara Vishal Ji & Sadhguru Devi Sahasra Tara Vishal Ji is the founder of "Sana vegan Products." He has taken up the intention of Sadhguru as his responsibility.

For more information about "Sana Vegan Products", kindly visit www.sanavegan.in or contact +91 9100179301