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The sole intention of MISSION AHAM BRAHMASMI is to help every human being realize his / her Divinity, thus understand the Ultimate Truth - "Aham Brahmasmi" which means " I am God/ I am Divine". For the attainment of our Divine goal, MAB promotes -

  • AKARMA VEGANISM -  The first step to Moksha

  • SEVA - Unconditional Service

  • NEW AGE NON-RELIGIOUS HIGHER SPIRITUAL WISDOM - The understanding that helps the soul evolve and attain Moksha.

  • AHAM BRAHMASMI MEDITATION (Daivathva Sadhana) - The practice of awareness that leads to Moksha

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akarma veganism

AKARMA : Akarma means an act that doesn’t attract any Karma. That which is neutral. These neutral acts i.e. Akarmas lead to Moksha.


VEGANISM : Veganism entails not using anything that belongs to, or, that comes from animal species. Excluding animals and animal products from food, clothing or other purposes is Veganism.

         It entails not consuming any meat, fish, eggs, honey, milk or any of its by products (curd/ yogurt, butter, cheese, ghee, paneer OR even biscuits, chocolates, ice-creams and cakes made of these products). Also, not using silk, pearls, animal fur, leather, wool or any such other produce from the animal species, including staying away from products which have been tested on animals or have given them any pain/ grief. It also includes fighting for animal rights and protecting them, with a clear understanding that saving them is actually saving ourselves and saving our world.


AKARMA VEGANISM : Veganism without any Karma is Akarma Veganism (Akarma Vegetarianism). Both physically and spiritually, this is the right, the truest and the purest Vegetarianism.

It is mainly based on the law of creation - " What you give, comes back to you in thousand folds. "

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